Brian McCollow | Founder and CEO

Brian leads client engagements and oversees the global team of project managers and support staff at InfinitySquared, where he designs high value initiatives between partners as diverse as small community-based organizations, multilateral institutions, and multinational corporations.

Prior to founding InfinitySquared, Brian worked to bring together funding and strategic planning at the Global Institute of Sustainability where he advised directorate on organizational patterns to design programmes that aligned with funding opportunities, leading to an eventual $27.5M investment by the Walton Family Foundation. He also helped set the stage for Arizona State University’s partnership with Ashoka to encourage and support global social entrepreneurship activities throughout the university system. In Ghana, Brian managed product development, community relationships, and small business generation with GlobalResolve.

Brian has circumnavigated the globe traveling and working in more than 30 countries, has participated in various Clinton Global Initiative functions, and was part of the inaugural class of the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University where he holds a bachelor’s degree in Sustainability. He is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from business sustainability to international development, and serves on the Board of Directors at Oasis Microfinance International and ASU’s School of Sustainability Alumni Association.